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*Currently we cannot incorporate non-English speaking or foreign Entities as shareholder

Create your Dutch BV

Set up a Dutch BV

Incorporate your new Dutch company easy with Firm24. A “BV” is the Dutch alternative to the LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Ltd. (Limited). The Dutch BV has a strong international reputation. Customers, suppliers, banks and investors worldwide are familiar with the BV, mainly due to the reliability and quality of the underlying Dutch legal system. The BV serves as the perfect vantage point for starting a business, both national and international.

Firm24 Requirements

  • Speaking English
  • Sign in the Netherlands
  • Individual shareholder
  • Dutch address

* To incorporate your company, you need to comply with all aforementioned requirements.

A Dutch BV in 3 quick and easy steps

Contrary to traditional incorporation services, at Firm24 incorporation of a BV is as easy as 1-2-3.

Online Form

Start the online incorporation procedure by filling in the online form. Prepare for questions about the BV and the shareholder.

Signing & identification

Sign the incorporation documents in presence of a Dutch lawyer/notary or at our office in Amsterdam.

Deed of Incorporation

Upon receival of the necessary documents you will receive the deed of incorporation and the Chamber of Commerce extract.

  • Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Extract of Shareholders register

Incorporation of a Dutch BV


Excl. VAT

* Including extract from the Chamber of Commerce at € 12, excl. One-time registration fee of € 50 (this is a separate invoice that you receive from the Chamber of Commerce)
• Founder is existing Dutch legal Entity €30,-
• Founder does not live in Netherlands €250,-

Frequently Asked Questions

After signing the power of attorney at the notary it takes normally 3 working days
First you complete the application procedure, make an appointment with the notary to sign the power of attorney and discuss the draft-deed of incorporation. After accepting the draft online, the notary will pass the deed and register the BV at the Chamber of Commerce. You will receive the original share register, deed of incorporation and extract of Chamber of Commerce.
No, any valid passport.
Yes, the BV must be registered at a dutch address.
The notary needs a proof of address, this can be a utility bill (gas, electricity or water) or a bank statement (not older than 1 month prior to the incorporation date. For a dubbelcheck the notary needs two of them.
Companies like Regus or Spaces can help you.
Because any other language requires an official translator, this is not included in our service. And doesn’t match our system for an efficient incorporation.
At the office of the Dutch notary.
All founders need to come to sign at the notary in the Netherlands.
Incorporation with a foreign entity requires lots of documents, that is the reason why it is difficult for a efficient incorporation through our platform. Unfortunately we cannot help you in that case. vereist vele documenten waardoor het lastig wordt om een efficiënte oprichting via ons platform te verrichten. Daarom is het niet mogelijk om met een foreign entity een BV op te richten via FIRM.
Yes, all the notary costs are included. You will only receive one invoice from the Chamber of Commerce for their registration. This is €50 (ex. vat).
Yes that’s possible but they will charge you a fee for this service.

The biggest incorporator of BV’s in the Netherlands

3 reasons to choose to incorporate a BV in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has some great policies for BV’s, here are some:



Most business owners set up a BV structure for either fiscal reasons or liability reasons. With a Dutch BV your personal assets are protected against bankruptcy.
This is not the case when you start a business as other common structures.

incorporate Dutch LLC

You’ll get tax advantages

The Netherlands has created a business-friendly climate to attract foreign investors. We listed them in a blog that you can find below. Learn more about some of the many tax friendly features the Netherlands has to offer by clicking the link.



A couple of years ago, the Dutch government started with simplifying the incorporation procedure of private limited liabilities companies (BV). This resulted in increased flexibility of the rules of incorporating an Dutch BV. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Have another question that is not listed on this page

We are happy to help (We have german and french speaking personal as well)

Start your BV in the Netherlands

In this ebook we provide you with a short introduction to the B.V. It touches on all the important aspects, without going in to too much detail.
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